How to use iOS with a keyboard

Jun 30 2018

How do you use iOS with an Bluetooth keyboard.

How to use iOS with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Lofree keyboard with iOS


  1. Hold fn + 1 ( or 2,3) until the light next to the caps-lock key blinks.
  2. Find DOT@LOFREE and pair the keyboard.

You can pair two more devices and switch with fn + 1 or 2 or3


In settings -> General -> Keyboard -> hardware Keyboard you can set the keyboard layout specifically for the Lofree keyboard. In the case of the lofree it is he US layout.

You can also change other settings specifically for your bluetooth keyboard in these settings

  • behaviour of the caps-lock key (select the keyboard layout or caps-lock)
  • auto-correction
  • etc..

iOS keyboard shortcuts and how to use them

Description Key
Open search CMD - SPACE
Home screen CMD - h
Shift - alt - K
Dock CMD + Shift + D
Screeshot to camera roll CMD + Shift + 3
Screeshot to edit mode CMD + Shift + 4
As bluetooth keyboards can have different symbols for the function keys, here is a description what is meant in this text:
Key Apple symbols Windows symbols
CMD key Command or Apple key Windows key
alt Alt or Option alt
Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl

How to use iOS with a keyboard

It is fun to write with a keyboard on an iOS device but if you have to tab with your finger on the screen all the time to navigate in the app or to change apps then the flow gets broken easily and the fun fades a bit.

So here are some suggestions how to work with an iOS device and use mostly the keyboard. For this of course the keyboard shortcuts of the last section are very relevant.

Swap between the last opened apps

This is the same as on other computers. CMD + Tab shows a list of the last used apps and flips through. You can use the cursor keys to navigate the list as well.

Use Spotlight to search for apps and documents

Press CMD + SPACE to activate Spotlight, then key in your search.

You can then use the cursor keys to select a result. ENTER will activate the selection.

The first serch result will be selected automatically and you can just press ENTER to select it e.g. to start an app.

Jump to the iOS home screen

You will see the home screen. No idea what that is good for when you use the keyboard. The arrow keys seems not to work. I guess from here it’s fingers.

Good links

Open questons

  • key repeat in iOS Joplin, and anywhere else? Works with Windows -> ios setting in accessibility / keyboard / ..
  • Fn also swaps key-layouts

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