Org-mode in Spacemacs

Jan 19 2018

A first look at org-mode in Spacemacs

Using org-mode like markdown

Structure documents

In org mode you structure your document like in markdown with headers. Instead of #, ##, ### in markdown you use `*`, `**`, and `***`.

Org-mode and markdown compared side by side

Markdown-mode Org-mode Description Example
# * Header level 1 * Header 1
## ** Header level 2 ** Header 2
### *** Header level 3 *** Header 3
_text_ /text/ Italics Hurray
*text* *text* Bold Hurray
N/A _text_ Underline Hurray
``` txt ``` ~text~ Code element Hurray
=text= Literal Hurray
> : Single line example see below
- - Bullet point list
1. 1. Numbered Lists
N/A - :: Definition list - Definition :: rest of line
~text~ text Strike through this and that
[text](link) description Heise


Header 1

Header 2

Header 3






  • Bullet list

  1. numbered list


list 1


list 2

strike through

Source code on one line

~source block, of some sort seems not to work ? Hm, seems to work a bit different~

Markdown style tasks: (seems not ot work)

  • hallo

  • [x] hallo

Symbols: here an arrow →, a large gamma Γ and a π.

TASK A Task here, this does not look like the right format, should not be a header format for a task ?

Some verse here new line and more, (does not work, this should be seperated lines?)

Some quote here new line and more

Some centered text here new line and more

Here is an example line for a single line, start with :


Here is an example block
Some example from a text file.
New line.
So here new line works now, fine.

Here is a source code example:

  (defun org-xor (a b)
    "Exclusive or."
    (if a (not b) b))

Organise tasks

Description key comments
Create task Ctrl-C RET This always marks text behind the cursor as a task, not the whole line
, RET This uses the SPC m .. shortcut ,
Promote task Alt-left This only works for lines that are already tasks
Demote task Alt-right This only works for lines that are already tasks
Function key
demote header M-arrow-right
promote header M-arrow-left
new header line Ctrl-RET

create list

Useful links


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