Useful and amusing unix commands

Dec 07 2017

Some helpful or interesting unix commands

cal create a calendar**

cal -3 shows three month cal -n 5 shows 5 month

exa: ls replacement**

For a nice ls -l replacement use

exa -l --header --binary  --git

-l or --long lists the file in a long version like command ls --header or -h writes a header column as the first line --binary or -b gives the size of the file --git shows the git status

works well as a alias for ll

cowsay let the cow say something


cowfortune cow gives fortune


asciiquarium aquarium

Aquarium, with fish and castle asciiquarium

find a file

find / -iname "file-name"


Ocaml for beginner

An Archlinux Desktop with LXQt and KWin